Look who’s back with a world premiere! For those who missed out the first time around… BlurryCloud is the brainchild of Jack DeMaio. He was responsible writing, recording, producing, and mixing what you’re about to hear. And what you’re about to hear is a brilliant, out of the box combination of Progressive Metal and Rock, a modern djent sound, a little bit of electronic music, and a lot of experimentation. As a comment on the album stream said, “This is delightfully weird as hell.”

Speaking of which, we had recently streamed the BlurryCloud debut album “Far From The Sea” in full! Take a look below! What’s more – You can own all 47 brilliant minutes of this music for a mere $3! Head over to Bandcamp and Facebook to show some love and support if you enjoy the music! It’s well deserved.

What really brings us here today is an all new BlurryCloud guitar playthrough! You can now see the playing behind the glorious sound for the track “Acres”. Go ahead and give the music a go right here:


Links: Facebook // Soundcloud // Bandcamp