Not to be confused with Dora The Explorer… DORA THE DESTROYER HAS RETURNED! For those who don’t know, this one monster of a one man band weaving together intricate sound from a number of inspirations. Dora The Destroyer is an instrumental project wandering realms of Progressive Metal / Rock, Math Metal, and beyond with virtuosic flair.

All of this and more shows through the multiple releases composed by sir Michael Blackmond, who covers all musical duties from the ground up. The latest of these releases comes in the form of an EP known as “Dependent Secondary” which was unveiled just last week. Believe it or not, the entire EP is currently available for a “name your price” download over on Bandcamp! Go show some love!

In support of this impressive musical endeavor, we’ve teamed up with Dora The Destroyer to bring some new tracks to your attention through our YouTube channel. Go forth and enjoy “Birth” and “Inquisition” right here, right now!

Links: Facebook // YouTube // Bandcamp