Talk Is Jericho just released and Ultimate Guitar just transcribed some rather amazing Devin Townsend stories. Once upon a time, Hevy Devy was associated with Steve Vai’s musical endeavors. Despite their enduring friendship, it’s safe to say there was a clash of personalities there. Feel free to read and watch for yourself:

“Vai had – I think he would admit that as well – certain aspects of controlling that ended up backfiring on him.

And there were certain aspects of my inability to articulate my discontent that resulted in me taking a dump in his guitar case. I had a hard time articulating myself! So you gotta go… I was like, ‘I… you… you… aaahhhhh’

Here’s the best example of that: we did The Tonight Show. Management at this time was this really famous dude who did not get me. So we did The Tonight Show and the day before they put me in this thing where I’m supposed to rehearse all these moves, the whole lead singer shit.

They had me looking at pictures of Axl Rose and I’m going, ‘… I hate this.’ They spent a bunch of money to give me these big fake dreadlocks and whatever was hip at the time.

So the day before The Tonight Show, me and my buddy Mark who’s still one of my best friends – we shaved all of my hair. I shaved my eyebrows, I went to Walmart and got a pair of gray shorts and wrote my buddies’ names all over myself – arms and everything.

Focusing on how he got to the backstage with the band and his buddy Mark, Devin added: “We were like, ‘These guys suck. This sucks.’ And Steve’s in a shitty mood and Jay Leno’s like, *funny voice* ‘How you doin’ kid?’ So Mark’s like, ‘We should fuck with them.’

So we went into the backroom, there’s an office there, a green room, a phone and all this stuff. So we locked the door, I took all my clothes off and started doing all these poses and Mark’s like, ‘You should stick that phone up your ass.’ So I did and we took a photo and it’s online.”

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