Woundvac are a force to be reckoned with. They create absolutely crushing music with absolutely crushing production and imagery to back it up. Summoned forth from the depths of Phoenix, Arizona, this four-piece band combine elements of Grindcore, Hardcore, Thrash Metal, and Punk to accomplish this. They’ve been hard at work for several years, putting out a number of heavy hitting releases and splits in that time.

The latest of these releases comes in the form of the “Infamy” EP which proves to be quite the dangerous listening experience. With 5 primary tracks (2 bonus), this serves as a sledgehammer to the eardrums. The EP is currently available for streaming and purchase over on Bandcamp!

We’re here to give credit where credit is due! The entirety of “Infamy” is now live and streaming on YouTube and Woundvac have been named as our Artist of the Week! Enjoy the sonic violence by pressing the play button just below and show some love to the band.

Links: Facebook // Bandcamp