Hideous Divinity is a hyper-talented monster of a Technical Death Metal band. Hailing from Italy, they’ve done their home proud by pushing the envelope on a number of fronts while simultaneously staying true to what makes the sub-genre great. And that’s precisely why this band, paired with ADE, make my two personal favorite bands for the style out of their respective country. No less than 3 years went into crafting this monster of an album. It shows like the finest, bleeding fruit of the vine.

“Adveniens” is nearly 50 minutes worth of absolute destruction. Pressing “play” off track one should come with the expectation of having ones ears repeatedly smashed by a title wave of finely tuned metal music. To some, that may seem unfortunate experience. To others, it may be rather pleasurable. Such is the nature of extreme music.

The kick things off, this experience spares no time ripping the listener into an intense Death Metal onslaught. Riffs immediately lacerate alongside high intensity blasts. Guitars wind barbed wire along the bodily edge. They are torn by concepts derived from musical devilment.

With every listen, new elements sprung to the forefront with such immediacy that could not be denied. Song titles such as the opener / single “Ages Die”, the follow up “Sub Specie Aeternitatis”, secondary follow up “Passages”, “Future In Red”, “Messianica” and “Embodiment of Chaos” demanded all attention in their aural assault. This could only be added to the genius of such a production that demands respect. That’s not to count any part out… every tack on this project deserves some bleeding respect!

This is largely a dissonant effort intended to drag listeners through the darkest, most evil depths. To this point, the album largely succeeds while simultaneously delivering the beloved stench of the Death Metal genre. Songs approach with the promise of thunder and leave on the edge of lightning. This is true of just about every number.

That’s largely a part of the reason that brings us here today. Well… that and the influence of our longtime friend and death metal guru Tito. Shout out to that man for repeatedly and tirelessly showing us incredible projects. Hideous Divinity is no exception. This is an incredibly satisfying Death Metal LP from beginning to end!

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