Sussex based death metallers Dyscarnate have just pulled the curtains off their shiny new album “With All Their Might”. It was just released through the good people over at Unique Leader Records with merch orders currently available to those who CLICK HERE.

“With All Their Might” marks the third full-length album in this band’s supreme reign over the sound. Not too surprisingly, it manages to be quite an enjoyable effort from start to finish. But allow me to be more descriptive…

Pick things up and put them down. This is extreme metal to lift weights and get work done to. With a such a beautifully measured, driving force behind this record it’s very hard not to enjoy on some level while simultaneously being productive. Hell, I just got some good work done while listening. In short, stimulating and powerful would be a great way to describe this band’s sound as a whole.

This LP may not be life changing but it will muscle into the picture regardless. There’s no shortage of talent and pummeling heaviness to be found while taking in this particular musical episode.

When you consider there are only three members in this band, it becomes that much more impressive. The music they collectively produce sounds like there’s another set of hands or two driving the final product. Kudos, Dyscarnate. Kudos.

There are a number of strong cuts from this record. Though, in reality, every track is worthwhile for one reason or another. My personal favorites would probably have to be the opener “Of Mice and Mountains”, the singles “Iron Strengthens Iron” and “Traitors in the Palace”, the thrashy “All the Devils Are Here”, the in-your-face approach of “Backbreaker”, and the sidestep of the closer “Nothing Seems Right”. But forget picking favorites… Just about every track was just named… give them all a good listen!

My criticisms of “With All Their Might” are few and far between. As hinted before, this record isn’t exactly treading new ground. It is, however, every bit as fun as it is functional making for a great listen. Other than that, the record clocks in at nearly 40 minutes but, damn, it flys by in a blur with its 8 tracks. However, this could also be considered a good thing as enjoyable experiences seem to quicken the passage of time. Either way, Dyscarnate ultimately have a chest kicker of an LP on their hands here.

In conclusion, this is a very strong effort from Dyscarnate. The band never seems to disappoint and “With All Their Might” is no exception to this track record. If you get a chance, play some of these tunes and go do something. This is extreme metal seemingly tailor made for productivity.

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