Riverside’s very own Arkaik have stuck once again with the release of “Nemethia”. Marking the end of last month, this came out through Unique Leader Records as arguably one of the best Tech-Death releases for the month in question… if not the entire year! For those interested, you can order the album now over on the label’s offical merch store as well as over on Bandcamp.

There’s no shortage of talent to be found among the ranks of Arkaik. Over the years, Jared Christianson has put out a number of great releases in collaboration with a number of artists. Lately, Greg Paulson (ex-Fallujah live member) has certainly done damage as well.

Arkaik have made great strides towards cementing themselves as a household name in the modern wave of the Technical Death Metal and Progressive Death Metal sub-genres. Over the years, they’ve consistently put out quality releases worthy of steamrolling the ears. The well measured, latest effort “Nemethia” serves as no exception to this. Expect to be aurally crushed by incendiary riffs, quick sticked drum work, and impressive basslines.

This is a masterful addition to the band’s already bright discography consisting of five full-length albums and an EP to date. Considered alongside 2012’s “Metamorphignition” (CLICK HERE to read our review) and 2015’s “Lucid Dawn” in particular (CLICK HERE to give a listen), this might be some of their best work to date. In one area or another, the bar always seems to rise between releases.

From the albums very opening on “Occultivation”, it is clear that listeners are in for an extreme metal treat. This is carried on through just about every track on this record. The opener served as an appropriate single alongside the likes of “Futile State” for good reason. They exemplify the excellence of this record that stems through every number. One would be hard pressed to count out any track as a weak link on this release. Even the interludes “Dweller on the Threshold” and “Lifting Amnesia” are exceptionally beautiful in their own right, moving things forward appropriately. There is great power to be found among the complexities every track brings to the ear of the beholder. “Nemethia” is equal parts challenging and fun.

Compostionally speaking, this album is excellent. My only real qualm lays amongst parts of the production. When it strays away from the band’s direct instrumental execution into symphonic and piano type segments, it can sound cheap. This first struck me with the second track “Of Violence and Pestilence Born”, especially when it transitioned into track three “Order of Hierogon”. The music is written beautifully but the programmed instruments sound paper thin – especially when stacked against the band’s continual devastation throughout the album. Ultimately, however, this does little to take away from the overall impact. Solid ideas are solid ideas, after all.

To sum things up, Arkaik have done an excellent job with “Nemethia” as to be expected. There’s a good reason why they stand among the elite ranks of the modern Technical Death Metal / Progressive Death Metal landscape. Well done.

They recently backed this up in the physical realm as well, headlining a great tour alongside the likes of Alterbeast and Inanimate Existence with a few dates left to go (CLICK HERE for more info!). It’s highly recommend you give “Nemethia” a go. You can check out music through the streams provided above. Once again, you can purchase the album by CLICKING HERE and HERE. Enjoy the extremity of it all!

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