By this point, chances are many of your have heard about Tosin Abasi’s recent shift to guitar making / selling in addition to his incredible guitar playing. He’s giving birth to Abasi Guitars USA. You can check out the official website by CLICKING HERE and check out some relevant videos down below.

He spoke further on this with Guitar World yesterday, stating the following:

“Beyond the ability to have this guitar available to the consumer in different string configurations or with or without a headstock, etc., I actually love designing guitars—so we want this to be an entire product line. From a creative standpoint, it’s fulfilling to collaborate with an amazing luthier and all the available materials and tech and to listen to our fan base and respond to consumer desires and produce what we think are really good answers to those needs. Moving forward, we’d like to have a whole line of guitars and signature artists as well.”

“I’m not playing a six-string guitar made by one of the big companies and just decided that my brand value exceeded their royalty rates. I have design needs that only the most adventurous companies were even willing to tackle. Ibanez has been that company. ‘Hey, you want more strings than anyone has ever considered putting on guitars? Sure!’ But then I kind of wanted more than that, so that’s where my history of custom guitar, commissioned guitars, goes back to me wanting to work with a team that could do whatever they wanted, design wise. As an artist, that’s where my needs lie. I think I have a fan base that also would love more conceptual designs and things that are more catered to their needs. As a member of that guitar community, I’m in a perfect position to make the dream guitar company that’s most concerned with those players that really access the designs they want from other places.”

You can head over to Guitar World by CLICKING HERE to learn much more. It should be exciting to see these models actually roll out in the future.

Until then…

Abasi Guitars: Facebook // Official Website