Deftones have been teasing towards the creation of new music a fair bit in recent history. In a new interview over at, Deftones vocalist Chino Moreno spoke on the band’s new album. Though the interview was posted up in Spanish, the good people over at The PRP did the deed of offering a rough english translation. Head over to either of those sites for more information.

As for key points, here’s a bit of what Chino had to say:

“There are six or seven songs, which are still mutating. They are very powerful, and I am anxious because, as I told you before, it has been a collaborative process. I think all our albums were postcards of what we were going through at each moment. Either with ‘Adrenaline’ (1995), we were boys, with ‘White Pony’, we had matured a little, with ‘Diamond Eyes’ (2010) or with which we are recording. Everyone has their own feeling, because it belongs to an era. Today we are older guys, I suppose, but we still enjoy making songs with marked riffs, cool melodies and a lot of groove. It is fun.

We really want Stephen to have a strong role on all the albums, but in this case [‘Gore’] it did not turn out the way we wanted. Most of his problems were not about Deftones, but about personal things. The best part is that now we are writing songs for the new album, and unlike ‘Gore’, it’s been a joint effort.”

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