Today marks the release of an exciting new EP which I’m sure a number of you will enjoy! Mixed/mastered by former SikTh vocalist Justin Hill comes the new talents of Maziac! This is a London based three man band booming out a professional sound well beyond their numbers. Stylistically, the music is belted out under the umbrellas of Alt Metal and Progressive Rock with a number of hooks in stow. The time has come to get caught!

They’ve made a strong introduction through the aforementioned EP! Going by the name of “Parallel”, it brings a high end musical experience with more than a few reasons to fall in. The whole of this record is now live and streaming for your enjoyment! You can give a listen by hitting “play” on the YouTube link provided below. Enjoy!

If you’d like to follow along more closely with what this band is doing, you may do so by heading over to Facebook and showing some support! Congratulations to Maziac on this new release!

Links: Facebook