Monuments have officially announced their new album “Phronesis” to be released on October 5th through Century Media Records. They let loose with the following statement to detail the record:

It’s finally here!

We are incredibly excited to announce that our new album ‘Phronesis’ will be released 10/5/2018 worldwide via Century Media Records.

The word ‘Phronesis’ is taken from Ancient Greek philosophy, being a center point of discussion and application within their society. Phronesis is a form of wisdom, on learning to make good judgement on different situations
based on experience. The artwork was handled by the amazingly talented Will Cross.

1) A.W.O.L
2) Hollow King
3) Vanta
4) Mirror Image
5) Ivory
6) Stygian Blue
7) Leviathan
8) Celeste
9) Jukai
10) The Watch

Chris Barretto – Vocals
John Browne – Guitar
Olly Steele – Guitar
Adam Swan – Bass
Lango – Drums

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