From the perilous lands of Mordor… I mean Las Vegas… comes a heavy hitting metal unit with the most metal of themes! The Lord of the Rings! Better yet, this two man metal band’s focus is on the evil side of the beloved fantasy setting with the name Mouth of Sauron! They are here to crush your existence and “spread the gospel of the holy Melkor” with a sound crossing Brutal Death Metal with some modern metal elements to boot.

They initially struck with an album release “Hearken the Echo of Music” last year… Now, they’ve returned with an all new single to honor the might Uruk-hai! It goes by the name of “Beserker” and it’s hell bent on leaving large boot prints on your chest. They put together a lyric video in support of this. You can enjoy both the new single and last year’s album through the streams down below.

If you’d like to support this band, pick up the goods on Bandcamp and follow them over on Facebook.

Links: Facebook // Bandcamp