10/30/18 UPDATE – Sadly, it appears that a medical emergency has caused High on Fire to withdraw from the tour. The band had the following to say of the situation:

“Matt has a medical emergency culminating in the partial amputation of one of his toes. The scheduling of this procedure is immediate and the recovery time will overlap our intended tour with MW. We will unfortunately be unable to participate in this tour but will be back stronger than ever in 2019!”

In response, the rest of the bands stated the following:

“First and foremost we wish our friend Matt the best of luck with his recovery. We need him, the metal world in general needs him. We would much rather have him miss a tour to heal up rather than not having any more Matt Pike music in the future. High On Fire‘s new album is amazing and we love him and his band mates so much. That being said after much discussion us Toxic and Haunt are still going to do the tour. It just makes sense, why make something negative worse? Get better Matt we love you.”

Original story – This year, the United States will see a tour between no less than Municipal Waste, High On Fire, Toxic Holocaust, and Haunt! The first two bands on that list will be co-headlining the venture.

Tony Foresta had the following to say of this:

“We’re really excited to be teaming up with our brothers in High on Fire to put together this sweet package of killer bands. We couldn’t be more pleased with how everything came together. Stoked to travel with our old friends and one of our favorite thrash bands Toxic Holocaust as well as getting blown away by Haunt every night. See you soon!”

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