Devin Townsend just launched 15 minutes worth of new demo / sketch music material! It’s under a video called “Demo Sketches, Post Empath” that he just put on YouTube. Devin had the following to say of this:

Heres a bunch of shrapnel Im working on. No idea what any of it will be for yet, some are relatively complete demos, some are just a riff or melody… I always write, this stuff has been on my mind over the past few months, but I’m not really ‘writing’ yet, per se. Thought you might enjoy hearing a bunch of brain vomit. some of it is ok I think. I won’t really be ‘writing’ for some time yet, but this gives you an idea of how my process goes… I just jot down things as they come without judging them too much at this stage. Lots more than this, but these are whas on my mind most atm I guess.

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