Lorna Shore have just inked a deal with Century Media Records. As such, the band will be launching a new album by the name of “Immortal” in 2020. The record was recorded with Josh Schroeder (Battlecross, For the Fallen Dreams).

The band had the following to say of this:

“Signing with Century Media is the beginning of another chapter for us as a band. We came through a lot tough situations: from changing members to even getting this record finished, that only pushed us to become a better band. We’re happy to share that with a label we’ve always respected.

We became the band we wanted to be, rather than just the product of our early influences. Immortal is the latest chapter of that story of us as a band, as players and as people.”

Century Media director Philipp Schulte had the following to say:

“We are very excited to welcome Lorna Shore to Century Media Records. The two previously released tracks, ‘This is Hell’ and ‘Darkest Spawn’ both from an early recording session of the upcoming album, showcase the band in top shape, but are just a premonition of what the new album holds in store. We are honored to release Immortal, Lorna Shore’s new opus, as a prime example that extreme music done right is still of highest relevance.”

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