Arsafes is by far one of our favorite solo artists coming out of Eastern Europe. The man has chops and creativity to compete with the best and has proven it time after time and project after project. This has been seen through his work in the likes of Kartikeya, Above The Earth, Hellrune and more beyond his solo material itself.

Today, we’re getting something a bit different and more accessible from Arsafes. He opted to do a Prog Rock / Oriental Rock cover of the Post Malone mega hit “Circles” and the results are beautiful to say the least. You can scope them out through the streaming video provided below. We’ve also provided the original version of the song for all your cross comparison needs.

If you enjoy this music and want more, you’re in luck! Arsafes has some new music up his sleeve that he’ll be unveiling soon. You can stay up to date by giving him a follow on the likes of Facebook, Instagram, VK, and YouTube.

You can also hear more Arsafes music right now by CLICKING HERE.

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