We had the opportunity to catch up with Josh Miranda, vocalist for the heavy hitting Texan band Crafting The Conspiracy who’ve been full steam ahead in 2020 despite the setbacks in the world at large. Their persistence is about to give us some great new music and experiences!

Among this is the release of an all new record on 8/28 “The Cosmic Key Part II” (CLICK HERE to pre-order) and an impending tour (CLICK HERE for the dates). This is being done through the band’s new home at Innerstrength Records.

Here’s what they had to say of all this:

First thing’s first – 2020 has been a wild year. How many rolls of tin foil have you gone through since January?

I’ve gone through too many rolls of tin foil to even count!

In all seriousness, how’ve you been?

We’ve been great & better than before brotha!

Awesome! You’re among the first bands we’ve seen to announce a tour in the age of COVID. How stoked are you to get back on the road in September and what can fans expect?

We are way too stoked to get back on the road and back in the swing of things! Fans can expect a much tighter set from us since we have been spending a lot of time honing our craft during the pandemic!

Sounds great. What is the wildest moment you can think of from one of your shows?

So there’s a couple of the crazy things. We’ve helped people find their phone during our set. We’ve seen a guy backflip off stage and bust his head open during our set. A guy wore a dinosaur costume during our set one time and got in the pit. About maybe not even 30 secs later. The costume popped on him haha.

OOF. If CTC could play a show at any single location in the world without consequence, where would you choose?

I would love to play a show in Antarctica and have the penguins start a circle pit!

We endorse this! Now, it’s an exciting time to be a conspiracy theorist! You have a new record The Cosmic Key Pt 2 set for release on 8/28. The preview you gave us was great and I’d say there’s a lot for people to look forward to! Which tracks would you say are most likely to melt faces?

The tracks we think would ABSOLUTELY melt faces for sure is TCK PT. 1 Aberration & Serenisis.

Having listened, I concur. Can you dig into how The Cosmic Key Pt 1 and the new Cosmic Key Pt 2 complement each other musically and conceptually?

Part 1 and 2 of The Cosmic Key are meant to serve as one whole storyline! Lyrically it all ties in together and Part 2 concludes the story. Musically Part 2 is a little more technical sonically and there’s even a diverse track that will surprise some folks!

There are a number of features on the new record. Can you tell us about them?

Michael Alvarez of Flub, Jamie Hanks of I declare War, & Christina Rotando. All of them are very talented individuals!

This year you signed with Innerstrength Records! How’s that been for you guys leading up to the new record?

Signing to Innerstrength Records has been very important to getting this record off the ground! They have been very helpful to us throughout this whole entire process of prepping our release!

The new record’s cover art is an awesome and natural follow up to the original. Can you tell us about the concept behind the art?

The concept on the art is basically Ace (The Protagonist) & Serenisis (The Antagonist) finally concluding their war. Ace claims victory & frees everyone from the eater of worlds, time, and dimensions.

Now for the burning question… What’s the wildest conspiracy theory you can come up with right now?

The wildest conspiracy I can come up with is that COVID-19 is only the beginning to something much much bigger. We as a collective species will not be ready for the next phase!

We’re not ready… Now, let’s spread some love. What are some up and coming bands you’d like to recommend to the people?

Some bands we’d like to begin are our homies in Athanatos, Snake Father, So it Begins, Piss Poor, Justice for the damned, & Sleep Token.

If you could have a time machine and witness any event in the past or future, what would you choose?

If we could have a time machine I would love to have witnessed seeing the band Death perform live back in the 90s!

Solid choice. Any last words for the fans out there?

We hope all of you are staying safe. Especially during these trying times. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you guys need any kind of help. We’ll do our best to provide what we can or can’t do. Know that we always will have the WHOLE world and all of amazing fans in are thoughts and prayers and if you’ve been effected by the pandemic personally and or anything else. We’re very and sincerely sorry. We love all you from the bottom of our hearts. 🖤 Keep those heads high and think of our new record at all times hopefully it’ll get you through all the times and trials.