We’ve come to the conclusion that the current metal sub-genres just don’t cut it. Pfft. No way 50+ is enough. Worse yet, distinctions like “post-techincal-grinding-hermit-death-slam” are just obnoxious. So, as such, we’ve decided to dig deeper and show you the real sub-genres with examples to boot. Take a gander.


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This sub-genre is known for its innovative formula which frequently alternates between breakdowns and chugging riffs. With the use of this formula, these bands can ensure that their music will never become monotonous to the listener.


Incoherent Gurgle-Grind

By conveying their lyrical content almost exclusively through squealed and gurgled vocals, these bands actively promote the necessity of lyric sheets. Instrumentally, they show a strong affinity for Autopsy and old school Carcass.


Melodic Post-Meshuggahcore

In many ways these groups are similar to their dancy prog contemporaries (with respect to their mutual obsession with “Chaosphere”), but rather than employing sweep riffs their lead guitarists rely on Misery Signals as their primary source of inspiration.


Life Metal

While these bands play a style of music that is both instrumentally heavy and vocally aggressive, they actually concentrate on silly non-metal themes such as “loving one another” and “making the most of your life”. LOL.


Progressive Hipster-Sludge

Groups in this sub-genre are known for their distorted guitar riffs and expansive song-structures… but you wouldn’t truly understand any of it unless you were a fan from the beginning.


Gospel Bro-core

This sub-genre came into prominence when former high school jocks began playing 2nd generation metalcore for their Church youth groups. What better way to spread the word of Jesus Christ than with 5 minute sermons and hardcore dancing?


Boyband Hardcore

These interchangeable bands comprised of physically attractive young men frequently perform their over-produced music at the Warped Tour. They’re essentially just the Backstreet Boys with electric guitars and sleeve tattoos.


Regressive Metal

Rather than following current trends or striving to advance the future avenues of heavy metal, these groups define their style based on a sound that was popular almost two decades before their inception. They’ll bring the nostalgia as long as you bring the beer!


Military Recruitment Hard Rock

Their overt lyrical messages convince their listeners to stand up to bullies and fight for their convictions. Covert messages in their music and image encourage the same demographic of listeners to enlist in the United States Armed Forces.