Last year, a video by the name of “stoort neer” surfaced online with a simple description of “haardrock” and a photo of a majestic moose. What made this video really interesting was the fact that sounded an awful lot like a Vildhjarta sampler, supplying just over 3 minutes of the devastating thall sound we’ve come to know and love. Surprisingly, the buzz surrounding this has stayed at a minimum. The video was noticed by some, but barely touched in the grand scheme of things. And it certainly wasn’t promoted by the band themselves…

What’s more, 2 new videos have surfaced on the channel – the latest of which launched a mere two days ago as pre-production demo titled “råttbröderna”.

It has since been confirmed that these videos are connected to Vildhjarta. However, it’s being toted as a side project from guitarist Calle Thomér. Albeit this “side project” sounds exactly like Vildhjarta for all intents and purposes. So, for all we know, this could be new Vildhjarta music in the shaping with our fingers being collectively pulled in typical Vildhjarta fashion… And, being the perfectionists they are, it may turn out any number of ways when the smokes clears.

Besides this, the latest thall blip on the radar came about a year ago. This was when the band confirmed to be writing a new album with a new drummer – being Buster from Humanity’s Last Breath. You can read more on this by CLICKING HERE. Alternatively, you can stick around and allow your ears to snort in that “stoort neer” with some more to boot.

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