Coming from north east end of England, Nexilva is a Technical Death Metal band that’s worth your full attention. With their brand of razor sharp technicality and merciless brutality, this band is making a name for themselves. So far they have a debut full-length “The Trials of Mankind” and a follow up EP “Defile The Flesh of Innocence” under their belt, both of which are awesome. And they have shared the stage with some big names in the UK and are currently working with the great, upcoming Monolithic Music.

All that being said, here’s the big news. Nexilva just dropped a new track “Invasion” and it is some next level stuff! This is solid Tech Death. Plain and simple. If any of this sounds good to you, it’s mandatory that you blast the track below. Did I mention that “Invasion” is being offered for a free download? Grab it here!

They’re currently looking for a 270bpm drummer. Think you can handle it? Let them know.

Links: Facebook // Official Website // Twitter // Official Store