Time for some education. It’s come to our attention that some of you have never moshed a day in your life. That’s okay. Furthermore, some of you don’t even know the difference between pits. That’s not okay. This is where The Circle Pit comes in. We’re going to show you the difference between a circle pit and your everyday mosh pit right here, right now.

First off… #1 rule of any pit is if you see someone fall, you pick them up. You might be pushing and shoving but moshing is fun, not angry. If you’re an angry little douche in the pit, take out your sexual frustrations somewhere else.

Now onto business…

Circle Pit – We post a wide variety of music on this site, but this pit is reserved for the fast and the furious. When the drums and riffs fly at the speed of sound and the crowd starts spinning counter clockwise, welcome to the circle pit. But don’t just stand there, fall in or move out of the way. First time? Run laps and push. Good workout, good fun.

You’re doing it right

You’re doing it wrong

Mosh Pit – There are all sorts of variations on moshing, but we’re gonna keep this simple with the mosh philosophy of push pits over ninja kicks. Hardcore dancing can be alright, but if you’re just out to hurt people refer to the second part of rule #1. If you go to shows to have fun, refer to the first part of rule #1 because this is where the pushing really comes in. Mosh pits can open up anytime, anywhere so stay on your toes. Jumping in is like entering a violent, crazed shove cyclone. First time? Push people. Yet again – Good workout, good fun.
You’re doing it right (with somewhat unfitting music)

You’re doing it wrong

Then there’s the wall of death… We’ll save that for the next lesson.