Chances are many of you have come across the hilarious Black Metal parody band known as The Black Satans. For those who haven’t and have seen, I’d like to introduce and re-introduce you and maybe brighten (darken?) your day a bit.

They posted what can only be described as comedy gold on YouTube around 2009-2010. But don’t take my word for it, watch the videos below and appreciate those descriptions!

For more videos from this troupe (no more of The Black Satans, unfortunately), you can head over to their YouTube by CLICKING HERE.

“This song is from The Black Satans’ 1994 debut album called Dyster Svart Mørke.”

“This latest music video made by The Black Satans was shot in the mountains of wintery Norway during the darkest time of the year, except that it was in Finland and in midsummer. Nevertheless this is the evilest and blackest black metal music video ever made by The Black Satans.”

“The band called The Black Satans was born in the summer of 2005 when Klitors, Heijargh and Naamosh were on a cruise ship. The guys got a glorious drunken idea to form a true Norwegian black metal band. Years went by, and the band hardly progressed at all. Later Masturbørg joined the band because of pity and he became the singing and dancing vocalist of The Black Satans. Still very little was done to advance the band. Then, in the late 2008 the Black Satans sold their souls to Timo Tolkki in order to get this piece of shit done. This is true Norwegian black metal from Finland. The Black Satans.”

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