Rising from the Rhode Island ashes that were Water’s Edge, Constructing Infinity is a solo project powered by guitarist Alex Quaglieri. Stylistically, the music is very reminiscent of the Instrumental Prog Metal sound Water’s Edge brought, but with some new twists. In other words…. this music is great! This is evinced in full on the debut EP, “Stonewall”.

There seems to be a creative balance throughout this EP, running like a spectrum and risen through an inner debate of calm and angst. The music of “Stonewall” simultaneously has the ability to move you and floor you. There’s an ever present intricacy and attention to detail laced throughout the tracks. There’s also an aggressive side to the music, pummeling with fast rhythms and some great shred. Expect a good level of taste and experimentation throughout the experience as Alex pulls all kinds of elements together.

There are five blocks of solid music placed into the “Stonewall”. First off, there’s “The Limerent Object” which comes off tracing the corners of the ethereal with impressive soundscapes and solid riffs / shredding. These are two predominant elements of this EP. There’s also an intense, emotionally charged vibe present throughout most of “Stonewall”. Next up is “Time Dilation”, which ironically took the most time out of all the tracks to grow on me. Solid material for sure though. “Reaching Forward” has an awesome / uncommon sense of mystery and power to it with all the predominant element making an appearance. “Isthmus In The Moutains” is easily one of my favorites, same with “Collective Amnesia” which both close out the EP memorably (no pun intended).

There aren’t too many drawbacks present on the “Stonewall” EP. At worst the production may leave a bit to be desired. But all things considered, Alex did a good job composing / producing / mixing his own debut. All in all, this is great music. It’s evident that Alex is very much a technically skilled and driven guitar player. I would say there is room for growth and further greatness here.

You can tell where Alex’s influence appeared in the late Water’s Edge sound. In many ways, Constructing Infinity strikes as an extension of that band. I’d say that parallel is actually pretty damn cool considering that, stylistically, the music is awesome.

Give the sounds of Constructing Infinity’s debut “Stonewall” EP a good listen through the full stream above! The EP is also available for a “name your price” download on Bandcamp. This means you can grab some full price quality music for however much your want. And yes, free counts as a price. Get on it!

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