Are you having a rough day? Did your girlfriend dump you so she could be with your high school bully? Did you just get fired because your boss found all your porn on the company computer?

If your answer is yes, then you better take a break from life and enjoy the comedic tales of Spooky Steve. He details his incredulous saga of trying to get his girlfriend back after a douche steals her heart (or pussy), who knows?

The music behind the tragically funny storyline is extremely sporadic and goes from groovy nu-metal to pummeling grindcore in a matter of seconds. Some of the songs are actually very catchy. I've caught myself singing the chorus of "Man's Downfall -or- Those Used To Be My Holes" to myself multiple times already.

And if you don't think the crazy lyrics and vocals are bizarre enough to help you get your mind off that your sad state of mind, don't worry! Spooky Steve had his songs remixed and they sound twice as ludicrous as the "normal" tracks.




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