Mia Matsumiya (the highly skilled, ex-violinist for Kayo Dot) just released a decades worth of sexual harassment that she’s received. Apparently the full archive contains well over a thousand messages. It’s truly insane and disgusting how some people can be. I’m sure we’ve all seen some freaky, weird shit over time but this is some really freaky, weird shit.

Mia simply had the following to say on the description for the Instagram account, “Mia Matsumiya 4’9″ violinist & perv magnet. I’ve archived 1,000+ messages from creeps, weirdos & fetishists over the past 10 years. I’ve decided to post them all.”

You can see them all by CLICKING HERE but here are a select few:

I’d eat my forearm first, but have it your way. #pervmagnet #cannibalism

A photo posted by Mia Matsumiya (@perv_magnet) on

Should I believe him? He says he doesn’t stalk! #pervmagnet A photo posted by Mia Matsumiya (@perv_magnet) on

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