For those who don’t know, Flux Conduct is the solo project of Monuments guitarist John Browne. He kicked this off by releasing the album “Qatsi” back in 2015 (LISTEN HERE) and now he’s back for more! Currently, he’s planning the release of his sophomore album “Yetzer Hara” for April 3rd.

In support of this, he just launched an all new track by the name of “In Pursuit of Happiness” featuring Renny Carroll (Forever Never). Mr. Browne had the following to say of this:

“We love to see successful people fail. We will cast our opinion of their work in all places that our voice will be heard. We will ridicule them from their work to their personal life. All positive deeds this person has done will be shunned and we will force them out to be the pariah. We do this to feel a glimpse of what they have achieved for the smallest amount of time, because the envy in our hearts takes over from reason.”

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