In a recent interview with Metal Wani, Michael Keene gave a lot of golden information on The Faceless and their upcoming record. One of the key points was that the album is finished! It will go by the name of “In Becoming A Ghost” and is expected to have a late Summer release through Sumerian Records. More specifically, he had the following to say of this:

“The current status is this: all tracking is done. Mixing is done. Basically I’m in the mastering stage. I kind of mix and master at the same time, so it’s kind of final touches of the mix and just getting the mastering tweaked just right on the record. Which is literally like, we’re talking a couple days here. The master will be turned into Sumerian in just a few days. And I was very explicit with them that I did not want them to set a release date until I turned the masters in.

Because on previous records there were release dates set and then things ended up taking longer and of course what’s the last that happens, the last thing is the mix. So the mix is the thing that suffered. On ‘Planetary Duality’ for instance I essentially didn’t mix the record because there was no time.

They told me that if I didn’t get the record to them in 24 hours that we were going to miss street date. And I stayed up all night, worked for 24 hours. I had listener fatigue, so I couldn’t even hear the mistakes I was making. And I turned it in as was and then come to find out it sat on their desk for 10 days before they even turned it into the press plant.

So I had 10 days I could have worked on the mix and could have gotten it great, but instead that happened and now I have to live with it forever—well I don’t have to live with it forever because I’m actually doing a re-mix of ‘Planetary Duality’—re-mix/remaster of ‘Planetary Duality’—which will be hopefully released next year as a ten year anniversary. But anyway, all that to say, that in the next few days the record will be turned in and street date will follow shortly after…

We’re looking at most likely August. I would say with very high likelihood August will be the month that it’s coming out.”

For much more information, you can give a listen to the interview itself right here:

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