From the summer heat haze of 2017, Atlanta based artist IØ crushed the eardrums of listeners around the world with the release of his sophomore EP “Emissary” (CLICK HERE to listen), working as a follow up to 2015’s “Open Dialogue” (CLICK HERE to listen). His music takes on a technical edge with slamming grooves, electronic elements, and just an all around sense of devastating heaviness. All the composition and recording for this project is provided by the mastermind Lance Summer in his mission to mechanical, musical domination. Also, shout out to Davide Aroldi at Haze Recordings for doing an excellent job on production, mixing, and mastering!

Now, as things are starting to warm up in 2018, IØ has brought a redux version for the final track of “Emissary”. More specifically, “CC” has updated itself into “CC 2.0 (Redux)”. This just took flight through the BeheadingTheTraitor YouTube channel today and the revised track is dangerous to say the very least! You can get a good kick to the chest by pressing the “play” button provided on the stream just below.

If you enjoy what’s happening here, now is the time to get prepared! IØ has new music in the works right now! This has been unveiled through social networks as he’s been releasing a series of teasers and clips towards the coming storm. Speaking of which, you can give IØ a follow over on Facebook, listen to all of the music on Spotify, watch videos through YouTube, and grab the music that’s currently available for your collection through Bandcamp. We also provided a teaser clip below! No matter what comes next from Jupiter’s moon, one thing’s for certain… it will be huge!

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Posted by Io on Thursday, October 12, 2017

Links: Facebook // Bandcamp