Everything is bigger in Texas! Hailing from the Lone Star State comes a twister made of metal itself! Melba Culp is quite the talented four-piece band combining some of the classic elements from our beloved genre with a new Hard Rock edge. This results in a riff filled, chest stomping sound that I’m sure a number of you will appreciate!

All of this and more shows through the debut Melba Culp single called “Never Surrender”, recorded at PlethoraTone in Nashville. It makes for a solid 4+ minute introduction to the band, serving as their debut track. It also comes strapped with a music video made by no less than PartyHat Productions, LLC. This can be viewed full force down below if you’re looking for a riff fest!

You can find the song through all major online music platforms by CLICKING HERE.

There’s plenty more on the way as well! The band is currently working towards the release of a full-length album to be released next year. As such, they’ll be in the studio much of 2019. They’re also planning the release of a new single / music video (hopefully sooner than not!) so stay tuned for all of that…

To follow along with the band’s progress as they continue to shred, you can give them a visit over on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You can also scope out their Official Website to learn much more!

Once again, the music is available across all major platforms. All of the above can be found by CLICKING HERE.

Links: Facebook // Instagram // Twitter // Official Website // Purchase