Cynic and Textures are both incredible bands in their own right, although not the most similar. So I was caught off guard when I found out there was a project between members of Cynic and Textures called Exivious which has been around ever since 1997. This is seriously a great band. They have only released one record back in 2009. It was their self-titled debut album.

This is how one of members describes the sound of the band – “Fusion, jazz, rock, metal, those labels are rather obsolete in the case
of Exivious. The music tells a story of its own with mesmerizing beauty
and intense depth.” That pretty much sums it up.

Fans have been waiting for new material for awhile now, and it looks like it may be on the horizon. Apparently the band has dropped their side project, “do it yourself” intentions, and plans to accept a record deal soon. They also have plans to embark on their first European tour very soon. These are great signs that the band is writing new material, although no official announcements have been made.

But the good news came with some bad news. Stef Broks, the incredibly talented/groovy drummer from Textures decided to leave Exivious behind. This is a huge loss as a drummer like Stef Brooks is incredibly hard to replace. The new drummer Yuma van Eekelen managed to impress the band quickly. Looking forward to hear what he does in the studio.

Stef made the following comment on the changes – “After some very exciting years of playing with these awesome musicians and dear friends, my time has come to say goodbye. Exivious is turning
into a full time band and I simply can’t find the time to be a part of it anymore. I’d like to pass on the torch to my good friend and colleague Yuma van Eekelen, who will replace me with style and

We have some Exivious for your ears right here, right now. I highly recommend this group for fans of experimental, jazzy, progressive music. Enjoy.

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