Nothing is more metal than standing up, sticking it to the man, and doing what you love even if it could cost you everything, including your life. This is exactly what Iranian metal band Dawn of Rage does everyday. Under the Iranian dictatorship, in a society largely closed by religious beliefs and cultural boundaries, these guys keep shit metal. They have a hard time getting their music out, but they are trying to earn enough money to leave the country and pursue their dreams. Similar to Iraq’s Acrassicauda, these guys have my total respect for doing what they do. Give the new Dawn of Rage track “Rising” a listen below. Also check out the lyric video for the song “Through the Ashes” under that.

This band was brought to our attention from a fan submission. If you have a band/artist you want us to write about, let us know here and they might just show up on The Circle Pit.

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