Coming from Columbus, Ohio this band has really been creating some great music. Adding elements of jazz fusion, funk, and electronics together with an extremely tight and technical progressive sound, Novallo have been experimenting beyond certain norms. The band just put out a debut self-titled EP to exploit their hard work. Novallo sounds like a combination of Periphery, The Human Abstract, Mute Math, and lord knows what… It’s fucking awesome. The writing these guys do, although random at times, is really impressive.

The 14 second intro “Cue” leads into “Angle of Percetion” which opens with one of the most razor sharp patterns I’ve heard in awhile. Then suddenly you’re in Cali during the 90’s and Snoop Dogg (Snoop Lion?) makes an appearance. Or at least his producer with the electronics. Then the band’s fusion side really kicks in with tight grooves, off time creativity, and soaring vocals. This song is random but it’s just written so well and it gets stuck in your head easy as hell. That pretty much sums up whole the EP. Next is “Tides”, one of the heavier tracks on the release. All I gotta say is “yeeeeeeeaaaaaahhhh”. Listen to the song and you might understand what I’m talking about. “4 Eyes Win!” is a real interesting track with it’s nerdy sounding story (haven’t actually read the lyrics) and classical influence. The bands technical prowess really shows on this one between interlaced electronics. “Visually Silent” is a stand out track, if not the best on the entire EP. The song sounds HUGE. There’s one part which especially catches my attention around 2 minutes in when the chorus drops into this crazy, heavy tech riff. “Level Nine” still needs to grow on me a bit. I think it’s the chorus which has that effect on me. But regardless, it is still a very well written track and not a bad way to end the Novallo EP. The only other criticism I have is that a few moments of the release feel like recycled “djent”.

As you may have gathered, Novallo’s debut EP is impressive. You can tell the band has room for growth, but it’s safe to say the talents there. The “Novallo EP” was released on Bandcamp where you get to name your own price. You can listen to it here and go grab it on our FREE MUSIC MONDAY. It’s actually highly recommended that you do so… right now. It’s free so you have no excuse. And if you dig the EP, it wouldn’t hurt to throw the band some money.


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