“Koi No Yokan” is japanese for the sensation of knowing you’ll fall in love with a person you just met. It’s also the title of the new Deftones record! FUCK YEAH! This band has been holding it down since 1988 and their still going strong. This will be their seventh full-length studio album.

The new record is due to hit stores everywhere on November 13th. They released a single “Leathers” last month which was available for free download. They also released a second single “Tempest” not too long ago. The album’s incredible cover art and track listing have also been made public. You can find all of the above, below. Less than a month! Get stoked!



01 – Poltergeist (Roller Derby)
02 – Romantic Dreams
03 – Leathers
04 – Swerve City
05 – Entomb (Dazzle)
06 – Graphic Nature
07 – Tempest
08 – Gauze
09 – Rosemary
10 – Goon Squad
11 – What Happened To You? (Flashback)

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