We have an infernal treat for you today. Hailing from the UK, Blackened Death Metal titans Ancient Ascendant have been making a name for themselves in the British metal underground and now they’re looking to go even further. Their sound strikes the ears as a cross between Death and Opeth with a serious Black Metal influence in the mix. If you honestly can’t tell from the names just mentioned, this is a quality metal band through and through.

Where their previous releases have made ripples, their latest effort “Into The Dark” will make waves. After giving it two solid listens, it’s safe to say this EP is filled to the brim with intelligently constructed music. From the blazing guitar work to the thrashing drums backing the primal fury of Alex Butler’s vocals, everything sounds awesome. Be sure to give the music below a good listen, and if you find yourself involuntarily headbanging go grab “Into The Dark” right here! Support great metal \m/

Links: Facebook // Official Website // Official Store