I don’t think I’ll ever forget seeing Gallows at Warped Tour a few years back. Thallbaker and I had heard about the band’s crazy live show but seeing it was a much different experience. We entered the crowd and noticed there was a huge pit at the center of it. And in the middle of that huge pit was Frank Carter yelling out his vocals and moshing along as the surrounding rabid fans pushed, pulled, and yelled at his microphone. He stayed in the pit for the entire set, throwing down to his band still on the stage and demanding circle pits to surround his live fury.

Unfortunately, Frank has since left the band due to creative differences. Fortunately they found a great replacement in Wade MacNeil. This is essentially a Hardcore Punk band with some serious underground, raw tendencies. Hailing from Britain, they’ve risen to travel around the world, starting mosh pits everywhere they go. The band recently dropped their first record with Wade, the self-titled “Gallows”. It’s safe to say the band hasn’t lost any of it’s spark as they continue their hardcore punk domination. Listen to the tracks below and keep an eye out for what comes next from Gallows!

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