I've been listening to Corelia a lot lately so I feel the need to give them an official introduction on The Circle Pit. This band is so good it's unreal. Every member has something huge that they bring to the table. The next level skills and creativity Corelia displays make for an amazing musical experience. So far they've only released a 7 track EP, "Nostalgia", but things are only looking up for these guys with their damn near unlimited potential. Any fan of music should be looking forward to hearing what these guys come up with next. I invite you to watch/listen to the videos below, especially "The Sound of Glaciers Moving". So good it gives me goosebumps… They we're actually featured on the front of The Pirate Bay not too long ago. I by no means support internet piracy but that's awesome! It's always good to see great bands get great exposure.

Links: Facebook // Twitter // Bandcamp