Hailing from Macedonia, Blagoj Cilakov has been making some incredibly awesome and original tunes in his project, 350teric (pronounced Esoteric). He just came out with his second full-length record “Continuum” and you can own it for FREE! Click right here for the musical goodness. You can also sample some music below and read Blagoj’s in depth description of 350teric.

350teric, pronounced (es•o•ter•ic \ˌe-sə-ˈter-ik\) started off as a one man (Blagoj Cilakov) project in theory, but has a tendency to grow in a full band in practice. The music varies in styles and moods, so its uneasy to be fitted in one genre. What you can expect from it, is a pure uncompromised extension of body, mind and soul. For the contemporary and modern music enthusiasts, with highly distinguished taste for odd time rhythmic structures and multi-layered harmonic melodies. A progressive wave of “metal” that is original, sophisticated, emotional and escapismic, in the same time very organic and groovy.

Links: Facebook // Youtube // Soundcloud // FREE DOWNLOAD