It’s obvious Black Metal isn’t our usual variety here on The Circle Pit. There is a lot of awesome Black Metal out there but there’s also a lot of under-produced, boring, awful Black Metal too. So we’re usually quicker to make fun of than support metal elitists and their overly stuck up views on heavy music. But I’ll be damned (pun intended) if you don’t give Crow Black Sky a listen! With immense scale and intelligent composition, there is a reason why this is possibly the biggest metal band in all of Africa. I was truly blown away on my first listen of “Stars of God” via the music video preview and immediately looked for more. Turns out Crow Black Sky’s entire record “Pantheion” is available for free download on the band’s Facebook. All you have to do is like and share them. Get on that for some Black Metal goods!


Links: Facebook // Twitter // iTunes