Formed last year, Sequence of Discord is a two man Russian djent band looking to take the metal underground by storm. Maksim Maly and Sergey Oficerov bring high level technicality and groove to their music. Their first composition, “In The Middle Of Nowhere” was literally written in an hour and gained 40,000 views on Youtube in just a few short months. After that, they went on to work on their debut EP, “Namaste”, which was just released FOR FREE last month! Grab that here or keep reading.


This band’s style is like a huge cross between Vildhjarta, Volumes, and Cloudkicker. Imagine that. Expect deep grooves and complexity accompanied by razor sharp rhythmic patterns reminiscent of the first two bands mentioned . Also expect cloudkicking clean bits and phrasing. This a very technically focused group. They could have called the EP “Russian guide to play tight as f#@k”.

It kicks off with with the title tack, “Namaste”, which definitely has a Vildhjarta vibe with the guitar tone, atmosphere, and execution. I love Vildhjarta, so that’s not a bad impression to make. Great intro. “Credo” keeps it heavy and packs a good musical punch about halfway in before killing someone in a mosh pit towards the end. “In The Middle Of Nowhere” was the the band’s first track mentioned in the intro. The first minute of this song is damn intense! It gets stuck in the head easily.  “My Fear” provides some crushing rhythmic work with a great sense of melody on the side. “Revival” is an unexpected twist in the EP. It is a groovy, melody focused track very similar to some of Cloudkicker’s new material. But yet again, that’s not a bad impression to make. Incredible song with depth to it. The ender, “Dreams Come True” may be my favorite off the release. It maintains a high level of awesome from beginning to end.

Though a great effort, this EP may not be for everyone. The major “djent” influence makes some segments feel like you’ve heard it all before. Still very moshable though \m/ Also, some transitions throughout the release could be tighter. Those are my only real criticisms.

I have a feeling Maksim and Sergey are only getting started. Lot’s of potential here. “Namaste” is an awesome display of heaviness and tight technical ability that will get stuck in your head. Definitely check out the tracks above and grab your free download right here! Spread that shit! MOSH!

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