When it comes to psychedelic metal, Crossing The Even Horizon is nothing short of perfection… and they’ve barely even started. Propelled deep into the void by super talented guitarists Joe Vanderhoff and Patrick Phillips along with beastly fretless bass player Sagar Nadgir, this band constructs a brand of creative psychonaut progressive metal like you’ve never heard before. The music is mind blowing and original, making it a must listen. The only other project that comes close to the sound CTEH brings is Exivious (Textures / Cynic side project), and even that’s a stretch. No metal band has ever broken into the other side quite like this.

Crossing The Event Horizon recently released five of their incredible demo tracks for FREE! Take a listen below and grab them all on Bandcamp! And if you want more, check out Soundcloud and Soundclick. Rumor has it the band will be working on lots of brand new music very soon. The new material will be recorded with superior equipment and further enlightened minds. Definitely something to look forward to. There’s no telling where this band will go, but you’ll want to be along for the trip. Stay tuned.

Here’s a recent update from Joe Vanderhoff himself (11/13/12): “We have lots of exciting news for you guys! Patrick is currently on a plane to Peru, where he will be until the end of February. In the meantime, I’m finishing up my degrees in philosophy and religious studies, and once I graduate in December I will begin working on recording lots of new material for you guys! I’m currently in the process of building a kickass home studio to achieve the best recordings possible for our musical endeavors. Within the next few months I will be purchasing an Axe Fx II by Fractal Audio as well as lots of new guitars, amps, Logic Pro 9, Omnisphere, awesome studio monitors, and lots of other creative toys. Thank you all for your support and patience!”

Links: Facebook // Bandcamp // Soundcloud // Soundclick // Youtube