HUGE news today! It’s been about four years since the release of the damn near flawless Exivious self-titled debut. What was originally a Cynic / Textures side project has experienced a few line up changes in that time but has still emerged strong. Now they are back in the studio creating their sophomore full-length “Liminal” and it’s almost finished! And from the clips that have been made available thus far, it is sounding PHENOMENAL!

They are firing up a pre-order campaign in order to release the album independently. There are various levels of contribution which all come with awesome perks. These range from getting the album signed by the band to having your name in the actual album credits. But what’s really cool is the option for the Personalized Unique Edition which affects the actual album artwork and comes with a custom mini poster. It is described this way…

“Liminality refers to a state of transformation. The artwork will illustrate this, it will essentially never get to a final state. Once you’ve purchased the ‘personalized unique edition’, you’ll be asked to login to a special website. This is where you’ll be able to ‘draw’ your input and change the state of transformation. The result will be your personal, unique mini poster.”

That is too awesome! Currently, they have raised 31% of their target. If you want be involved, hurry up and pre-order the record on the band’s official website.

Exivious melds together jazz fusion and progressive metal with ambient and experimental flair on a level you’ve never heard before. This band is HIGHLY recommended in every way. Be sure to check out the official “Liminal” Pre-Order video and teaser along with some amazing tracks from the debut “Exivious” below. Stay tuned for further info.

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