By popular demand on one of our recent polls, we bring you Death Audio! Hailing from Melbourne, Australia – this is a beastly five piece combining elements of Melodic Death Metal, Hardcore, and Rock to execute their own metal mix. Their intense sound has been giving them momentum throughout Australia, where they are building an impressive, loyal following through energetic live shows and intelligent promotion. This may push them further yet… much further. Today, it brought them to The Circle Pit on the other side of the world. This is definitely a band to keep your eye on.

They dropped a self-titled album quite recently and it’s been making some commotion in parts of the heavy music community. Yet again, it may go further than that. This album is awesome to say the least. It provides an original mix of a metal edge with catchy rock dynamics making for a well rounded, solid release. You can give a couple tracks a listen down below. This includes a great music video for the single “Fallen Souls” featuring female bondage, mind control, physical disrespect for technology, and metal \m/ If you enjoy, be sure to check out the album and hop on board with Death Audio.

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