Harken is a forthcoming djent trio hailing from Tyler, Texasbringing some low tuned 8-string kick assery. The project started instrumentally in July of last year with founding members Wesley Wyatt and Conner Dugan. But soon enough Coleby Arnett joined them as the vocalist. 

After some demoing the band has now almost completed their self-produced and self-recorded debut-album, “Shira”, which drops on March 10th and will feature 11 brand new tracks. Their music alternates from a sharp and aggressive djent sound to more atmospheric and melodic segments, featuring both clean and harsh vocals. 

They recently uploaded the first single “Nassar” to their Bandcamp profile. Give it a listen below. You can also stream and download for free their 2012 demos on Bandcamp to get an idea of what to expect from this guys. They’re definitely worth a listen or even a buy. So if you like their stuff, you can already pre-order “Shira” on their Bandcamp for a reasonable price and support some good DIY metal \m/


Links: Facebook // Bandcamp