Boner time! Lorelei just released a new massive single via Beheading The Traitor called “Masque” and it kicks some fucking ass! I mean, this band’s got it all: cutting-edge technical deathcore riffage through a sort of Vildhjarta vibe, two vocalists, symphonic segments, and even a clean side with no loss of aggressiveness.

Or at least they almost have it all. They’re currently programming drums and orchestral segments for their upcoming album “Lore Of Lies”. And according to their Facebook page, it looks like they’re searching for a bassist and a drummer. But they won’t quit producing new music in the mean time. This new single is a definitive proof.

As we wait for more of this overwhelming power you can stream / purchase this single along with their previous singles “Godfather Death” and “The Dunwich Horror” on the official Lorelei Bandcamp. Stay tuned and expect some huge shit from these guys!


Links: Facebook // Bandcamp