Tardive Dyskinesia is one of the household names of the Greek metal underground. They provide a strongly Meshuggah-influenced math metal melt with some insane post-rock atmosphere. With 4 albums released, they have toured and shared the stage alongside awesome bands like Meshuggah, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Darkest Hour, Obscura, Cilice, Intronaut, Pro-Pain and many more. 
The band has released three incredible albums, all of which are all available for streaming on their Bandcamp page. These are “Distorting Point Of View” (released in 2006 via Venerate Industries), “The Sea Of See Through Skin” (Released in 2009 via Coroner Records) featuring a more experimental vibe with lots of polyrhythms and a sharper guitar tone, and their most recent work “Static Apathy In Fast Forward” (released in late 2012 via CTS Productions). Their latest record implemented a more melodic approach without giving up their darker side, which instead was intensely developed with some new exploration. You can read our official review right here.
These guys are currently on tour around Greece. They’re also staying productive on other fronts. For example, they recently uploaded a music video for the song “We, The Cancer” on their YouTube channel! So go ahead and check out their music. And if you enjoy, give them some support with a purchase or even with a simple like on their Facebook page! \m/

Links: Facebook // Twitter // Bandcamp