Today we’re bringing you some good, underground death metal. Formed back in 2008 and hailing from Israel, Ferium have been making a name for themselves in their country’s metal scene through working very hard to reach their goals. And now they’re getting ready to release their debut album “Reflections”, which features some really aggressive, massive metal \m/

The album is opened by a fast, hard-hitting track named “By The Book” which will furiously introduce you to this band’s sound. It is followed up by two slower songs and one of the most appreciable pieces of the album being “Mirror”. This song will give you a perfect idea of the band’s skill and style: a beastly death metal sound which also implements some modern Meshuggah influences. This can also be detected in the following track “Side Effects”, one of the best on the album in my opinion.

This album has some more surprises up it’s sleeve. I’d mention “Lust Fool” as one of the most aggressive, or “Change Of Winds” for its striking, groovy effort. The latter definitely being one of the most distinguished tracks of the album, strongly recommended for its melodic hint towards the end. “Business On Demand” and “Blood” deliver some more aggressiveness and groove while the title-track “Reflections” closes the album with some more brutal, intense riffage, making the final four tracks the most remarkable section of the album. So listen to it in its entirety, because it gets better with each track.

A special mention is needed for bassist Yoni Biton, whose amazing bass-lines can be enjoyed especially in the last song “Reflections”. But also to Guy Goldenberg and Elram Boxer’s for their remarkable guitar work, to Ron Amar for his rumbling drumming, and Tiran Ezra for his intense vocals.

These guys definitely proved they’ve got a lot of talent and dedication behind their music. I think they only need to work a bit more on their artistic personality for their music bring ’em around the world. They certainly have some real potential. So give a listen to this band and start thinking of purchasing “Reflections” upon its release! THALL.


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