What is it? Mathcore? Progressive? Experimental? Sure, yeah. Instrumental? Definitely yes! I would describe Save Us From The Archon as “Emotional Tech-Doodle” but that’s just me. “Some Things We Carry, Always” is packed with feelings, technicality and beauty all resting on twelve minutes of music. This eclectic collection of melodic tracks SUFTA has painted has much to offer to a creative-eared listener.

“Some Things We Carry, Always” differs only slightly from the band’s previous releases but still a definite progression within their formula. SUFTA exposes a fervent side of themselves that strikes a chord deep in a listeners character. Like an abstract painting, “Some Things We Carry, Always” can leave one with a variety of perceptions.

Visit a link! If you like “Some Things We Carry, Always” there is more where that came from on Save Us From The Archon’s Bandcamp page! ((seen these guys play a ton omg they are sooooo awesome. Drummer kills and the bass player is a girl))

– Tyler Dermitt

Links: Facebook // Bandcamp