I’ve been wanting to give this band a shout for a long time. I’ve been following and loving their music from the very beginning in 2006. Unfortunately they’re hardly known out of their country, Spain. But today, the world will see them.

Rise To Fall is a modern melodic death metal band hailing from Bilbao. They released two albums, their 2008 debut “Restore The Balance” (re-released in 2010) and their sophomore 2012 release “Defying The Gods” both with Coroner Records.

Their style, especially on the first album, will remind you of recent In Flames material and Swedish melodic death metal in general. This shows with the exquisite creations of guitarists Hugo and Javi and the unique vocals of singer Dalay Tarda. With their second release the band showed a way more mature and autonomous production, delivering another brilliant album.

They’re always on tour around Spain but they’ll be expanding their horizons soon with a headlining Ukranian and Russian tour in June. We strongly recommend you give a listen to the songs below, including a new live video for the track “Decoding Reality” and singles taken from both their albums. More epic songs include “The Compass” and “Ascend To The Throne” off “Defying The Gods” or “Inner Scream”, “Unknown Presence” and “Rise From Drama” off “Restore The Balance”.


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