How¬† weird would it be if a band took Death Cab For Cutie’s signature haunting, emo, clean vocals and added metal elements and screams? Well, I found that band. Classified as “stoner rock” on their Facebook, Indulgist of Tennessee definitely has that quality. Mixing a slower tempo with the cleans and screams makes them quite a mellow band.

The band recently released their music video for “Omnium” off their first EP “Foreign State.” That EP can be downloaded for free on the band’s Bandcamp here ( Vocalist Clint Gee sounds beyond eerie with his clean vocals, whispering at times. However, when his screams come in it proves his range and versatility. Guitarists Corey Quinlan and Michael Chadwick, bassist Brent Terebinski, and drummer Blair White also contribute to the chilling atmosphere of the track and video. You gotta see it to experience it. “Omnium” serves as a chill out track for metal fans of all backgrounds.

So go ahead and download “Foreign State.” It’s free and you can actually relax to the ambient and slow tempos that Indulgist delivers. They’ll be dropping their second EP “Perspectives” on May 21, quite impressive for a band that just started last year.


Links: Facebook // Youtube // Bandcamp