Chicago Metal should be proud to be represented by great bands like Veil of Maya, Oceano and Born of Osiris. But Chicagoans have another name to flaunt…The Obelisk. They are very progressive and very death metal to the fullest meaning of the terms.

I was originally a big fan of their first release, “The Great Aerial Wanderer”, which was put out during summer of 2012. I decapitated many blades of grass to those 4 songs…trust me.  As we enter a new cycle of mandatory grass mutilations “The Obelisk” arrives just in time with the musical fertilizer that keeps me pissed off while I push mowers. Speaking of grass…”Microcosm” was released 4/20.

Another four track collection, “Microcosm” hits hard and quick like a haymaker from Chicago born Mr. T; which is a highly desired experience of mine when jamming the metal. The songs are littered with riffs that are both fun and mean…possibly comparable to hanging out with Mr. T. One moment you may be grooving along but in any instance you can be thrown into spirals of violent riffing and hostile breakdowns.  “Genome” captures the element of “angry groove” very well.

“Aperture” is a baller track…vile riffs evolve for the first two minutes as the drums switch pace, developing into an astoundingly melodic solo segment.  “Microcosm” just shits on things…kicking off with one of the coolest riffs I’ve heard in a while then expanding rapidly from there until its technical breakdown departure.

If “The Obelisk” had a suggestion/complaint box it would most likely be filled to the rim with requests for MORE! Insider Tip for “The Obelisk” fans. – – -Make a playlist of both EPs and lie to yourself that it is a whole album :) Works best on shuffle. Visit their FACEBOOK or something; maybe even get crazy and ‘name your own price’ at their BANDCAMP. For fans of Aristeia, Carnifex, and Fallujah.

– Tyler Dermitt

Links: Facebook // Youtube // Bandcamp